Initially, MEM Fisheries carried out their own fish transfers and cropping. As the commercial area of fish rescues grew, together with contracted fisheries works from third parties, particularly fish rescue operations from engineering events, MEM Fisheries decided to concentrate on this market area and only contracts for clients. MEM Fisheries has always strived to be the best in its field. We firmly believe we have the largest, diverse range of commercial fisheries equipment in the UK. If the market place does not provide what we want, we manufacture the product ourselves. Over three-quarters of what we use is custom designed and made by ourselves or customised by ourselves. We are always looking for continuous improvement in every area of our work.

During the last 25 years, we have carried out various fisheries-related engineering projects. MEM Fisheries designed and built Drayton, Clattercote, Stockton & Earlswood Reservoirs for British Waterways (Canal & River Trust). These have timber walkways constructed in the water of up to 1100 mts in length.

MEM Fisheries has also designed and carried out numerous engineering works, for our clients; encompassing, angling platforms, disabled angling platforms, junior platforms, access walkways, Islands, flora and fauna planting, access roads & paths, drainage, installation of services, fencing and car parks, brickwork & Stonework walls, brick, stone and timber lock renovation & repair.