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Over 20 years experience in the fisheries industry

Services we provide

  • Fish rescues on all water bodies, canals, rivers, lakes, and reservoirs
  • Full lake management
  • Seine netting
  • Fish Health checks
  • Fish transportation
  • Planting flora/marginal vegetation and reed beds
  • Lake, river, canal, reservoir surveys
  • Construction of all types catered for fisheries management inc platforms, walkways
  • Fully qualified angling coaches
  • Siltex application
  • Fish medication application (fully licensed)
  • Blue lake dye application using the cooperative lake dye
  • Scale reading
  • Nonnative fish removals
  • Confined spaces fish rescues
  • 24 hr emergency Aeration services
  • Water parameter testing
  • Full live fish tank display set up

Services we provide


MEM provides fisheries of all types with high quality services in all aspects of fishery management.


Construction, installation and repair of timber fishing platforms and walkways. Maintenance of reservoir platforms and walkways.

Official Framework Fisheries Contractor

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